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A simple case study.

Jane and John need a new boiler, but they do not have £2500 spare to buy one. They look for a finance deal and find a good solution at £35 a month with a boiler they like. During the sale Alan their sales representative informs them that they can expect to save £10 to £12 a month on energy usage because the new boiler is much more efficient, so worst case they will have to find £25 a month of new money to fund the purchase.

During the pitch Alan has shown the local savings and reward programme they give to every new customer, now he points out a few savings that may make a difference to Jane and John.

The membership Alan will give them includes hundreds of opportunities to save money, but there are a few he can highlight straight away. They haven’t switched their energy supplier in the last 18 months and a quick check shows Jane and John they can save

£180 a year straight away, this is added to £150 over the year at their supermarket and £30 a month at a couple of the restaurants they use regularly. Without even adding in the restaurants they have £330 a year on basics which means they can use the savings Alan will give them so that they require no new money to buy the boiler. The restaurant savings mean they are actually better off each month.

savings are for illustration purpose only and are subject to change.

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Our savings calculator will show you what you can save.

This can be used in the home or added to your website to automatically convert more sales opportunities where people are expecting a membership when they place an order.

It asks 5 questions and at the end of the form there is the option to request contact details before the savings are displayed. Once you have what you need we display the link embedded in the banner below. You do not have to use the banner you can simply supply the link.

How you use these tools can be defined to suit your business and they will always carry your logo.

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Or we can provide a link for you to use however you like. The link will always be customised with your company logo and the person that has used the link to register will be in your own secure back office so you can see them at any time.