Create Your Own Incentives

Creating your own consumer incentive scheme

Your marketing team spend their lives creating offers that catch people’s attention. It could be a newspaper advert, radio advert or even national TV. or it could be as simple as a door ot telesales campaign. They all work much better with a really good incentive.

Marketing are trying to drive more and more people to your website using SEO , AdWords and social media. You are competing with local, regional and national businesses that are also looking for the same website visits. You need something extra, something that catches the eye and gets people to your website.

When people visit your website you want more of them to convert to enquiries and leads. This is a the job of an incentive, to exchange local deals and savings for a quote request. You can do this overtly on the page or you can use an exit intent pop up, they were leaving anyway so why not try and incentivise them to request a quote from you

You want to convert more prospects into customers. It can’t be all about price and margin you need new tools that are worth £100’s per year to your prospect, but cost you pennies.

Using incentives works, your own sales team is driven by them. Using them to the benefit of your prospects will influence how many opportunities you get to sell.

“Every no obligation quotation receives 12 month’s local discounts membership free.  Every order receives up to 50% discount at dozens of local restaurants for 6 months free”

Incentive example

Order in November and get your Xmas party food free!

A great offer comes in many shapes and sizes. How about a £300 (value can be anything) towards your Christmas groceries for any purchase in November?

This kind of offer can be used throughout the year, buy before X date and get a specific reward. It’s designed to get people to request a free quote and costs you nothing until you have an order.

Incentive example 2

Every order receives up to 50% discounts at local restaurants for 6 months

This offer appeals to the local company image really well, after all you are a local company and you are using the discounts of local restaurants to save your customers money whenever they eat out.

We have hundreds of local deals to incentivise your local customers