increasing enquiries from your website

Increasing enquiries from existing marketing spend.

People visit your website because they want to buy products you sell. We have £500+ per year to give your visitors just for requesting a quote from you.

You spend money every month on driving people to your website and 96% of them do nothing when you they get there. In fact over 80% spend seconds on your website and click off. If you could convert 2% more of your visitors you could double your return on your marketing spend.

We know that incentives keep more people on your website so we have the best set of incentives in the UK to use to retain and engage your web visitors. They have come to your website looking for your products, so a gentle nudge with a really exciting incentive scheme will drive people to request quotes and visits. We use the largest incentive providers in the UK in a simple app.

Users of cashback websites save £444 a year according to an independent survey by Lloyds bank, and that increases to £744 a year if people also switch energy. So when you provide a free membership you can be helping your prospect out with £744 worth of annual savings making your products cheaper.

Our offers are on EVERY high street and include national chains along with a growing number of local independent businesses. There are also thousands of online offers on every conceivable product so every user saves money.

Click on the image to try the calculator. This sits on your website as an exit intent pop up or as a banner.

When prospects are looking for products it can be confusing when every offer looks the same.

Every business is competing for the same customers, so it’s an absolute necessity that you offer stands out from the crowd to get them to come to you. Once you get them to your website you need to make an instant impact because over 80% of them click on and then when nothing catches their eye, click straight off.

Don’t follow the route of more and more discount give them something really different, give them the chance to save £700+ per year in their everyday life and make your offer the best they can get.

Everyone wants a deal, everybody needs to feel they got the best deal they could.

So trade with them and provide something of real value for free, just for requesting a quote from you.

By trading something that costs you pennies but has a value of £100s to your web visitor you are starting your relationship on a really good footing. It’s a positive feeling before the consumer has even spoken to anyone in your business.

Now your appointment setting team is in a great position to confirm an appointment and set the scene for your sales team to promote all the really good things your business does. Things you would not have had a chance to discuss without providing the free incentive.

Now you are getting into more homes to pitch your unique business and benefits you want to consolidate the pitch and sale with some final benefits that are unique to you.

Our premium service and offers will consolidate the sale for you and provide the last piece of the jigsaw on the local benefits and discounts you can provide. And there is no harm in associating your business with local high street major stores just to give your customer a picture of a successful local business.

You can use our existing local loyalty programme to create more leads for your sales team. Our online savings calculator can be used on your website to engage more people or in the home to help close an order.

The savings calculator can be used as an exit intent pop up or as a major advert on your home page.

Click on the banner ad to go to the page where your prospects can see all the local savings you are going to give them just for requesting a quote from you.

You can use this on your website to convert more web visitors to enquiries. Simply remind your prospects that they will receive a free membership from you just for requesting a free quote, using banners or popups or exit popups as someone is leaving your website.

All our reward partners work through the cashbackAPP  website or smartphone app so its easy to access everything

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