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Your prospect is looking for a great deal. TLS offers a lead generation tool that costs you nothing but gives your prospects thousands of ways to save money. It’s the reason prospects will choose you over your competition.

The TLS cashback programme is a loyalty programme like no other. We’re able to offer your prospects cashback on millions of products and services across the UK in-store or online for free.

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What type of business will benefit from using cashbackAPP?

cashbackAPP is suitable for any home improvement business looking to generate leads and quote requests. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, offer your prospects real value, and, most importantly, make sales, this solution is for you.

Membership to the TLS loyalty programme can be used at any stage of the marketing and sales process, whether it is used as an initial incentive to make an enquiry, as an appointment consolidator or a way of offering cashback on your own products or services.

How can cashbackAPP be used to close sales?

There are few simple steps involved:

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FREE Lead Generation Tool

Membership to cashbackAPP guarantees prospects cashback on everyday purchases; from groceries to utilities, hairdressers to restaurants, there are always offers for a cashbackAPP member.

cashbackAPP is accessible via smartphone devices or the website portal, allowing members to access discounts at over 20,000 businesses in-store and online with cash back provided on millions of products and on dozens of reloadable store cards at some of the biggest names on the high street.

  • After the submission of a “quote request” on your website, your “Thank You” page will display a link to the cashbackAPP where your prospects can browse local and online offers, and join for free.
  • Once the prospect has signed up for cashbackAPP, they will have access to an abundance of local offers you just gave them for free, while you have received a quote request; it’s a win-win situation.
  • Your prospect will be available in your cashbackAPP back office, giving you the ability to message them directly.
  • Your prospect signs up to cashbackAPP for free.
  • The deals are available via an app downloaded to smartphone devices or the cashbackAPP website. They will be able to access whole-of-market utility comparison, as well as discounts on groceries, fuel and hundreds of other offers.
  • Prospects can search within the app or on the website to find local offers. The app and website will automatically service local offers to prospects through geolocation technology.
  • Offering prospects access to cashbackAPP will help you clearly differentiate your business from local competitors, and, by offering real value, your prospects are more likely to turn into customers.

It’s 100% FREE.

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Marketing directly to prospects through cashbackAPP

cashbackAPP gives businesses the ability to communicate with everyone that has taken a membership from their website link.

It allows the business to go back to each individual prospect and offer them something to close an order or encourage an appointment, whether it’s extra cashback, a special deal or a new incentive.

  • If your company becomes a cashbackAPP business, you will have access to a full marketing suite.
  • All your members or “Subscribers” will allow you to promote your business to them via offers or special deals.
  • All local cashbackAPP members can see your profile on the smartphone app or website, as well as contact you directly.
  • You can use premium memberships which include 6 months up to half price discounts on restaurant offers to convert a pitch to an order.
  • You can create your own bespoke cashback offers to incentivise leads and orders.
  • Prospects or existing customers receive your messages with your unique offers directly to their phones through push notifications. Simple.
  • The first business to become a merchant in each postcode gets the full membership for free. Subsequent businesses pay £300 + VAT as a one-off registration fee.

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Go Plus Premium Membership

Go Plus is a premium cashbackAPP, offering your prospects all the discounts available in the standard cashbackAPP membership as well as added incentives, including up to 50% instant discount at 10,000 restaurants around the UK, increased online cashback and increased in-store cashback for 6 months.

Go Plus is a very simple way to reward people already using cashbackAPP. It’s easy to activate and shows every offer within the app or on the website.

  • This membership costs £15 for a pack that would normally cost a member £60. These packs are pre-printed with a customisable insert.

Don’t just take our word for it

The perfect partner for cashbackAPP

We have worked with the team at TLS for 5 years bringing cashbackAPP to many consumers within the home improvement space. We are delighted with the work they have done and they have become an integral part of the product development over the years. We have the perfect sales closing tool / sales consolidation tool for this market and we look forward to working with TLS over many more years.

Bish Smeir , Founder cashbackAPP

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